Nissan’s official German-speaking customer magazine, N_Magazin, pitted the 542bhp Nissan GT-R against a 22,000 horsepower Oris Swiss Hunter Fighter Jet.

The outcome of their land-sky speed challenge was inevitable, but still fun to watch, even if the GT-R gets whooped by the 711mph jet aircraft.

Although the 184mph GT-R is fast, even Nissan know it cannot beat 22,000 jet-fuelled-horses delivering 4,604 newton metres of thrust.

Built in 1956 by Hawker Siddeley Aircraft Corporation in Blackpool (England), the Hunter served on the Swedish Air Force until the late sixties. It was rebuilt in the 1970s and delivered to the Swiss Air Force as J-4205 in 1976. It served until 1994 before being retired from military use and joining the civil registry in August 1995.