If you’re a Star Trek fan you’ll love this new ad for the Audi S7. It features 82-year old Leonard Nimoy, the original Spock from the 1966–1969 Star Trek series who goes head-to-head with newbie Zachary Quinto – in a Mercedes versus Audi face off.

After a game of on-line chess, in which Nimoy check-mates his young pretender, Quinto proposes a round of golf to settle the score. The challenge – he who reaches the club last, gets to buy lunch.

Quinto sets off in his Audi S7, easily fitting his golf bag in its boot, while Nimoy takes to his Mercedes-Benz CLS 550, which.. fails to accommodate his bag and sets him in a right intemperate mood (well, it IS an Audi advert after all).

  • Audi-The-Challenge-Star-Trek-b
  • Audi-The-Challenge-Star-Trek-d

Young Spock reaches the golf club first, gloats about his success, then receives a Vulcan nerve pinch from Old Spock who beats him into the club house building.

Highlights include seeing Nimoy sing the “Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” and the arrival at the end of Audi’s driverless TT – a fascinating sight indeed.

The ad conveniently precedes the latest “Star Trek” movie, Into Darkness [watch], scheduled for release on May 16th.