How many importers would take the time and trouble to shoot a film about one of the cars they sell? Not many, but that’s precisely what Prestige Imports of Miami did.

As one of the supercar maker’s first importers in the U.S. their website is a temple of worship to Horacio Pagani, (creepily so if you ask me) so perhaps this promotional film for the Huayra is less of a surprise, especially given their clientele.

  • Pagani-Hyuara-Wind_G1
  • Pagani-Hyuara-Wind_G4

The film is as beautifully made as the car, but cheesy as edam with a frisky mix of bedroom frolics interspersed with carnographic close-ups of the Huayra’s jewel-like features.

I suppose it captures what some people want from a supercar, but if you’re anything like us you’d prefer more of the car and less of the fluff.