Last week saw Chef Gordon Ramsay receive a tour of the factory, Fiorano circuit and of course the il Podio kitchens and as one celebrity leaves another arrives, this time one of the world’s top golfers, Ian Poulter.

But does Ferrari have a golf course? Or will Poulter have to ‘make do’ with looking at the cars?

Thankfully Poulter is a petrolhead – and of course a Ferrari owner – so a day away from his clubs doesn’t prove too much of a hardship.

It’s his first time in Maranello and as with Gordon Ramsay, Poulter’s day at Ferrari will be captured in the next edition of the Official Ferrari Magazine – out in December.

“I’m incredibly impressed by the way people work here in Maranello, the attention to detail in every single aspect of production is truly surprising. The high level of precision can be seen all the time, as I would expect from a brand like Ferrari.”

While visiting the plant Ian was able to see his new FF on the production line and spend time in the Tailor-Made area, where he was able to add a personal touch to his latest Ferrari thanks to the exclusive personalisation programme.

A passion for Ferrari cars is not the only reason for Poulter’s connection with Maranello. The British golfer is also collaborating with Cobra Puma Golf in the design of the Ferrari Golf Collection Driver.

“In this case as well,” said Poulter, “we are focusing on details. From choosing the materials, such as the carbon-fibre and genuine leather grip to the elegant design and superb performance.”

No doubt he will get plenty of chances to try out the new drivers when he takes delivery of his FF, which coincidentally is able to carry two sets of golf clubs in its generous boot.