Volvo appears to have taken whatever Ken Block has with his manic 650hp Ford Fiesta, as the Swedish marque today unveiled their 405hp version of the C30 at the Gothenburg Motor Show.

The car is the result of Polestar, the reigning champions of the Swedish Touring Car Championship, using their skills to build a road car version of their successful Volvo C30 race car.  This not inconsiderable 405hp is translated to the road via an AWD system, with its KKK 26 turbo blasting a Volvo T5 2.5L into delivering performance Volvo’s engineers would scarcely believe.

You can authentically slap plenty of well known stickers on the side of the car if you wish thanks to Quaife providing a mechanical differential brake front and rear, Öhlins the shock absorbers and springs, Pirelli laying on 19″ P Zeroes and Brembo serving up 380mm six piston callipers up front and 330mm four piston rear callipers.  From this we’d imagine the Polestar Volvo C30 would handle as well as it goes in a straight line.

If you want to have your Volvo C30 pimped, then head on over to the Polestar for more information.

Click to see hi-res version

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