In the scheme of things, being able to pull an aircraft probably doesn’t feature very highly on anyone’s SUV shopping list, but nevertheless Nissan’s Patrol can pull a fully-laden cargo plane over 50 metres.


The record was set at the Nissan Patrol Challenge event at Sharjah International Airport, United Arab Emirates, which saw an unmodified production Nissan Patrol haul a 170.9 tonne cargo plane, inclusive of weight of the plane, fuel and the cargo for over 50 metres, smashing the previous record by 15 tonnes.

It now qualifies for the ‘Heaviest aircraft pulled by any production vehicle’ Guinness World Record, proving it more than capable at the simple task of towing a mere caravan or boat.

The aircraft, a Ilyushin Il-76, is known as one of the world’s toughest cargo planes, designed to be able to deliver cargo and take-off and land to some of the world’s most extreme environments. It was supplied by Saleh Al Aroud, Chairman of RUS Aviation whose company own and run several in their fleet.

The ‘Nissan Patrol Challenge’ was launched in 2012, inviting people to suggest ways in which the Nissan Patrol can be put to the test. Nissan also sell their GT-R in the region, which gives us a great idea for next year’s challenge..