It’s been a long time since we last saw a Noble on sale in the UK, and during the intervening period the still-born M14 and M15 have come and gone, both of which were supposed to lift the Leicestershire sports car maker into the exclusive supercar club, alongside Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini. Founder Lee Noble said at the time, “’s time for Noble to take a big step up in terms of refinement, practicality and style.”

In 2006, enthusiast and Noble M12 owner Peter Dyson bought the company and began the process of rebuilding the brand and developing the M600.

Dyson had a vision for Noble after noting that the ‘earlier’ M12 models provided the greatest enjoyment to drive, and so set about the challenge of recapturing the purity of those simpler cars and producing a modern supercar with the same ‘analogue’ inspired driving reward and ‘purity’. Dyson said recently, ‘Noble is a labour of love, of no compromises and of challenges fought. The car speaks for itself, and absolutely reflects what the Team and I envision a true drivers car should be. It is no question uniquely “out of sync” in today’s world, one overrun with cars that cannot make up their minds as to whether they want to be a car that rewards or a car that gives hollow praise by electronically ‘covering’ the errors.’

The first M600 concept appeared in late 2009 and the first carbon bodied production Noble M600 was recently completed and shown to critical acclaim at the Autosport International Racing Car Show. Noble say that the latest car is a significant step forward in both fit, finish and weight saving.

It’s still powered by a 4.4-litre Twin Turbo Yamaha V8 engine producing a heady 650bhp @ 6800rpm and 604lb ft @ 3800rpm, and with some 520bhp per tonne, performance is nothing short of sensational with 0-120 mph being covered in a little under 9 seconds and the M600 being capable of an estimated 225 mph.

The M600 is primarily designed for speed and handling however this is not at the expense of either comfort or practicality, The cabin features a traditional British hand-built finish, with a choice of leather or Alcantara. Natural finished polished carbon door cards and centre console, hand turned knobs and bezels and fine quality wool carpets are bound to the edge with leather trim. The luggage space, situated to the front, is fully carpeted and bound in leather and is both spacious and practical. So, the M600 is more of a peer to the Porsche 911 Turbo rather than the GT3 RS.

The M600 features an Adaptable Performance Control function (APC) which is perhaps easiest to describe as Leicestershire’s answer to Ferrari’s Manettino dial. Drivers can choose between ROAD – a ‘comfort’ setting with circa 450bhp, full traction control and a gently progressive boost curve and throttle response. TRACK – around 550bhp, a little less intrusive traction control and a steeper boost curve and a more urgent throttle response. RACE – the full 650bhp, increased wheel slip, an aggressive boost curve and a heightened reactive throttle ‘tip in’ to allow effective and responsive heel and toe operation.

The M600 has been through the kind of intense development programme that would have been unheard of for such a low-volume manufacturer less than a decade ago. Noble shipped a prototype over to the USA, which then proceeded to cross the continent from East to West, experiencing the most dramatic and demanding of climates and terrains in order to prove and test the efficacy and engineering of the M600. Testing was conducted in the rarefied company of a Porsche Carrera GT and, for some of the journey, a Ferrari Enzo, providing the perfect benchmark against which to develop the M600.

Back in the UK, the team have conducted a full aero wind-tunnel programme, acoustic noise, vibration and harshness testing and completed thousands of miles on both road and tracks. The M600 is clearly a different kind of animal to any TVR…

Pricing was initially mooted to be around £200,000 but we’re still waiting for a figure to be confirmed by Noble prior to customer cars going on sale. In the meantime if you’re interested, then head on over to Noble’s website and download yourself a brochure.

Peter Smith Sportscars are displaying the car at their showroom at Hatton, Derbyshire from Thursday 10th to Sunday 13th February. Ring Peter Smith on 01283 813593 for more details and see the new M600 for yourself.

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