If you’re a bored multi-millionaire, what would you do?  You could dabble in fine art or wine, perhaps take up yachting.  If you’re wealthy German businessman Michael Stoschek though, you’ll get your next buzz from having a specially designed Lancia Stratos built to your specifications.

Since 2008, Stoschek has commisioned well known Italian designers Pininfarina to take a shortened Ferrari 430 Scuderia and wrap around it a shell that shows how a contemporary Lancia Stratos may look if it was updated today.

Stoschek's Ferrari 430 Scuderia based hides behind an original Lancia Stratos

Pininfarina has managed to shed 108kg off the original Scuderia (leaving a weight of 1240kg) that is distributed perfectly front to rear 50:50.  The standard Scuderia engine used means Stoschek’s Statos will pack 413bhp/ton from its 503bhp unit.  Pretty nippy then when you consider the original Stratos only equated to 197bhp/ton.

The New Stratos has caused such a stir in the automotive world that Pininfarina will consider making 25 examples of the car instead of the single original car.  We don’t know what price would be tagged to the side of the New Stratos, but given the donor car, the exclusivity and the man hours required to produce the finished product, expect to stump up a serious six figure amount.

To learn a bit more about the car and its progress, you can visit the “New Stratos” website here.

What do we think then, a thing of beauty or just a glorified kit car?