The concept car Bertone designed to celebrate the centenary of Alfa Romeo has just been unveiled in a series of leaked pictures.

Pandion, which are small prey common to North America, reflects the beautiful concept car Bertone signed in honour of 100 years of Alfa Romeo. Stile Bertone made its comeback recently after many years of rather tumultuous times for the Italian coachbuilder.

When Alfa Romeo Bertone was asked to interpret the spirit of Biscione through a concept car, the body shop and the team of Mike Robinson chose to base it on the mechanicals of the 8C Competizione The Pandion is a 2 +2 coupe containing the famous scudetto “V” symbolic common to all Alfa Romeos.

The Pandion is also a technology showcase, at 4.82m long and with the V8 engine from the 8C Competizione, the Pandion weighs only 1000kg.

The life-sized concept will be at Geneva from 2nd March 2010, so we look forward to seeing it and the other two concept models being displayed to celebrate 100 years of Alfa Romeo.

Source: Bertone via Unica-Strada

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