It’s great to see Peugeot building exciting cars again and we only hope that the RCZ represents a true return to form for the brand that gave us the 205 and 309 GTi.

Peugeot are bringing further interest to their new RCZ model by revealing a concept version fitted with its latest green technologies. Based on the same power train as the 3008 Hybrid4, it is powered by a 2.0 litre HDi FAP diesel engine with maximum power of 163 bhp ‘plus’ a 37 bhp electric motor giving a total power output of 200 bhp.

Unlike many hybrid cars the RCZ HYbrid4 fits its additional hybrid powertrain within a fairly compact space, so Peugeot are clearly using this concept model to demonstrate the versatility of their new green technologies.

The RCZ HYbrid4 concept car is claimed to achieve a fuel consumption of 76.35 mpg (combined cycle) whilst emitting just 95 g/km of CO2, which is bound to heighten its appeal over potential competitors such as the Audi TTD. Range as an emissions-free vehicle using solely electric mode is a mere 2.8 miles, but I guess this additional range may come in handy if you ever ran out of diesel whilst ‘close’ to a filling station..

Performance is adequate for the class achieving a maximum speed of 134 mph, with 0-62mph acceleration of 8.5 seconds on its way to achieving a standing kilometre in 29.6 seconds.

Handling is said to be improved over the regular RCZ, since the rear suspension now becomes a multi-link arrangement due to the HYbrid4 rear power train module, which also provides four-wheel drive.

Look out for more pictures from tomorrow, but in the meantime here are a few below.