Porsche will celebrate 50 years of the 911 this week, with a distinctive sculpture displayed prominently outside Goodwood House.

The now traditional ‘art installation’ will be unveiled on Thursday and in the build-up to the event Porsche released their first teaser image earlier today. Trouble is, someone’s already photographed the full sculpture..

Porsche-50-years-Goodwood-Sculpture_G1The teaser image released by Porsche earlier today.

From the look of it, they’ve chosen to celebrate three generations of 911 –
represented by an original 1965 911, a 1973 2.7 RS, and the latest Type 991 Carrera 4. The ‘Central Feature reaches 34 metres into the sky in front of Goodwood House and weighs around 25 tonnes.

We’ll take a closer look on Thursday and confirm if our guesses were correct.


Teaser image: Paul Melbert (via Autocar)
Full image: @Broken_Biker and @Missionmotorspt