I have always considered the Renault Wind to be a car, intended primarily for female buyers who’d like something stylish, easy-to-park and manoeuvrable in towns and cities. That’s not intended as a slur on our female audience, some of whom (including Mrs D) would quite happily drive around in a 911 every day, but chic two-seaters such as the Renault Wind have proven popular with the fairer-sex and style is a large part of its appeal.

So when we heard that Renault was applying its Gordini touch to the diminutive little Roadster, we immediately knew it was bound for success.

Following the Twingo and Clio Gordini models, the exclusive new Wind Roadster Gordini will be presented at the forthcoming Geneva Motor Show from 1 March 2011.

Renault claim it’s a true driver’s car – shod with 17-inch black diamond alloy wheels, it features Malta blue bodywork with trademark twin white stripes, Glacier white door mirrors, grille trim and rear wing, and a gloss black roof. A badge marked with a “G” completes the Gordini look.

The Wind Roadster Gordini also places particular emphasis on interior design. The cabin features special “Gordini” black and blue leather upholstery, blue and white door straps and a blue leather steering wheel with the signature white stripes on the centre-band. A leather gear lever gaiter and polished metal gear knob bearing the Gordini name complete the look.

But first and foremost, the Gordini name expresses a spirit that has travelled down through the years. Just as Gordini drivers of the 1960s and 1970s flashed their headlamps as a sign of recognition when they met each other on the road, so the modern Gordini community meets up on social networks. In an innovative move by Renault, its community members were the first to receive news of the Wind Roadster Gordini with a teaser posted on the Gordini fan page on Facebook this past Monday.

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