Sebastian Vettel, a driver not known for his patience, so it must have been frustrating to wait so long to finally receive the car built in his name.

First revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show, the 408bhp Infiniti FX Vettel Edition is a warm as opposed to hot SUV, developed with direct input from the three-time F1 world champion and produced in a limited run of just 150 cars.

Vettel-Infiniti-FXVettel-DeliverySebastian Vettel takes delivery of his Infiniti FX Vettel Edition.

It’s been engineered with the input of German tuner Brabus, so it seems fitting that car number 001 is delivered to Germany’s brightest young driver on the eve of his 26th birthday.

While an FX is the model chosen to bear Vettel’s name, he’s actually contributed more to the development of Infiniti’s new Q50 saloon, providing direct input into its steering and braking performance.

As Infiniti’s Director of Performance since April 2013, Vettel will increasingly shape the dynamic behaviour of Infiniti’s cars, which will expand over the next few years to include a Porsche 911-rivalling sports car and compact Mercedes A-Class hatch.

Let’s face it, Infiniti will struggle to sell all 150 FX Vettel Editions, especially given its £100,800 list price, so if you’re looking for some Vettel-magic the £27,950 Q50 will prove an easier choice.

“I’m proud to now own the Infiniti that I helped design. It has great performance, responsive handling and fits my daily life perfectly. The FX Vettel Edition is great fun to drive and I like that it is totally unique, I am sure many other Infiniti owners will feel the same way,” said Vettel.

VIDEO: Watch Sebastian Vettel as he takes Red Bull Stratos and space dive hero Felix Baumgartner for a ride in the Infiniti FX Vettel Edition.