You might not be a fan of Skoda, but these posters made for the 2011 Rallye Monte Carlo last month will look fabulous in any office, workshop or hallway. More please.

Many years ago before the interweb and the proliferation of smartphones, marketing teams relied on the humble poster to fuel those word-of-mouth conversations. They still work – as Skoda recently found it.

The first poster, Knife, runs with the by-line “You’d have to be crazy to drive through some neighbourhoods of Monte Carlo after dark.”, whilst the second, Cloud, says “At least once a year the conditions in beautiful Monte Carlo can become anything but.” They’re great fun and it would be nice the see more car makers joining in to produce their own range of collectibles.

You can download both full sized images (1600px by 1100px) within a zip file, by clicking the button below.

Dealers were able to use the posters ahead of the 2011 Rallye Monte Carlo to create interest for the upcoming Special Edition Fabia Monte Carlo and they were also designed to act as giveaways during the future IRC events in which Skoda will be participating.

Nice aren’t they. Feel free to download them using the link above, and if there’s demand we’ll try and obtain them in even larger sizes. Just let us know via the contact form or in the comments.