MissionL sounds like some sort of stealth weapon doesn’t it? But in fact it’s a new compact ‘lift-back’ design from ŠKODA which will receive its world premiere at next week’s Frankfurt motor show.

After the inappropriately named ŠKODA Superb, I’m reluctant to read too much into the company’s model names, although in this case ‘MissionL’ seems to capture the Czech carmaker’s intention to significantly increase its sales to 1.5 million vehicles by 2018.

The press release is peppered with the phrases ‘model offensive’, ‘clear signal’ and ‘full steam ahead’, so the MissonL clearly marks a new direction from ŠKODA as they start ramping up towards their ambitious growth targets.

The company say that the MissionL seen in these pictures is “..close to the final production-ready design”, but we anticipate it will lose the Hollywood-sounding project name to be replaced by something more in keeping with the existing range.

Skoda MissionL

“Revealing the look of our new compact model, the MissionL shows exactly the direction our brand is going to take,” says ŠKODA Board Chairman Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “The world premiere in Frankfurt gives a clear signal that ŠKODA is going full steam ahead now. We are going to present a new vehicle every six months over the next two or three years.”

In line with its 2018 growth strategy, the brand is gearing up, investing heavily in new models, markets and production capacities. Starting in mid 2013, the Yeti will be launched in the Chinese market and will be produced locally. Furthermore, ŠKODA, in cooperation with Shanghai Volkswagen, will produce a new compact model for this market from 2013, increasing the number of models produced in China to five.