Hot on the heels of the Brabus GLK V12’s record run of 203 mph at the Nardo proving ground, Techart have fallen a few mph short of snatching the title away by ‘only’ achieving 200.7 mph.

But when it comes to records, if you can’t beat an existing one then just make up a new one, so Techart are proudly proclaiming this as a new speed record for a full-size SUV. See? And who says size doesn’t matter…?

Techart’s Cayenne Turbo is based on the Turbo S version of Porsche’s SUV and is fitted with a TA 055/2.2 performance kit that takes the engine
up to 660 bhp, an increase of 130 bhp compared with the standard production model.

The Aerodynamics Kit, together with a “Sport” air suspension module, additionally delivered the necessary performance on the circuit.

For the record run at moderate temperatures the TECHART Team chose Continental Cross Contact UHP high-performance tyres on 22-inch TECHART Formula rims, which were exposed to specific loading as a result of the one-sided cornering on the circuit. Longstanding TECHART test driver Sandro Reuter said, “The SUV was ideally prepared for the event. Both the engine and the tires showed a high level of performance and consistency.”