It’s a little difficult to comment on Tushek’s new supercar concept – the T700 Pista. After a flurry of positive PR, including media reviews of its Renovatio T500, the company went quiet, leaving behind several unpaid suppliers.

Rumours spread about a lack of funds and most assumed the dream of founder Aljoša Tushek was over.

But after a four-month hiatus, the company began posting on Twitter that the new T700 was coming, with suggestions that it would be finished and presented sometime in 2014.


Given the car seems to exist only in ‘sketch’ form, it came as something of a surprise to see Tushek inviting pre-orders of the T700 Pista. Hopefully, for the sake of any unwitting customers, they’re only looking for expressions of interest rather than seeing it as a way of improving their cash flow..

There’s plenty of potential, as shown by the T500, so we can only hope they are able to address their financial issues and we start seeing the promise they began to show in 2012.