After its appearance at last weekend’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, the AM310 concept car will be appearing at some of this year’s big summer events, including the Goodwood Festival Speed later this month.

Aston is also building up to a full reveal of the AM310’s technical specification, before confirming which features will appear in the production version – which will succeed the current DBS.

To start the launch campaign off, Aston released a short film this morning, entitled “Project AM310 – The Art of Aston Martin” and a microsite page, where you can register your interest and receive the latest news on Project AM310 as it surfaces.

Project AM 310 is understood to have drawn lessons from Aston’s One-77 supercar, including its use of lightweight materials and the power extracted from its familiar V12 engine. Don’t expect anything near to 750bhp though, rumour suggests nearer 575bhp for its 6.0-litre V12 engine, some 60 or so bhp more than its predecessor.

The video reveals several ‘clues’ about the advances made by Aston in developing the AM310 – the image of a fighter pilot followed by the words ‘COMMAND AND CONTROL’ would seem to signify a heads-up-display.

A warrior unsheathing his blade is accompanied by ‘INSTINCTIVE PERFORMANCE’, whilst a predator shark precedes the words ‘CLOAKED IN A SUIT OF CARBON’, indicates the AM310’s use of carbon fibre, although persumably not the Carbon fibre monocoque structure which forms the core of the One-77.

Aston promise more details ‘coming soon’, so you’d best put your name down to receive the updates.

Update: a reader from CAR magazine has spotted a production-ready car sitting in a transporter near Aston’s HQ – as you can see from the video, the badge on the back says ‘Vanquish’. We expect confirmation from Aston Martin in the next few weeks.