Volvo are so confident in the appeal of its all-new V40 that it will pay anyone who chooses to buy a rival Mercedes instead.

They’re putting their money where there mouth is and pitting the V40 D2 R-Design against the A-Class A180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Sport in a no-holds-barred test drive challenge. All you have to do is drive both cars back-to-back and if you choose the Merc, Volvo will pay the first month’s finance payment subject to the usual list of conditions.


Before dismissing it as yet another marketing stunt, or worse still the sign of a desperate sales promotion, it’s worth recognising that in our opinion the V40 is the better car (engaging ride, tight fluid handling and pin-sharp steering response), but Volvo face a huge challenge in getting more people to drive their cars and realise just how competitive they actually are.

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“Some may call us brazen, others may call us bold, but there’s no denying that we have such confidence in the V40 that we’re prepared to challenge people’s opinions and make them consider their options,” said Jon Wakefield, Sales Director for Volvo Car UK.

If you’d like to test Volvo’s mettle (and indeed the depths of their wallet) then you’ve got until 31st July 2013 to sample both cars and take your pick. It’s a shrewd move by Volvo, not least because you’d be hard pressed to drive, order and take delivery of a Mercedes A-Class before 30th September 2013 (when it needs to be registered by to qualify), but what have they got to lose?

For a maximum of £299, paid to each customer who chooses the Merc, it stands to gain considerably more value from the increased footfall in its dealers. Clever idea..

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