Ferrari hosted a special premiere for the new FF this evening in front of a worldwide audience. The event was hosted by Ferrari’s CEO Amedeo Felisa and Chairman Luca di Montezemolo, who were joined on stage by Ferrari’s SVP of Marketing Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s F1 drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, Piero Ferrari – son of the company’s founder Enzo, Ferrari’s Chief Test Driver Dario Benuzzi and the FF’s road-car development driver, Raffaele De Simone.

Enrico Galliera and Dario Benuzzi presented the main technical details, whilst Ferrari’s ever-charming Chairman, Luca di Montezemolo thanked (literally) everyone and then proceeded to put Ferrari’s drivers on the spot with questions about what they thought of the new FF (the answer inevitably was… Erm, it’s superb! Boss).

Some of the key technical details shared with us during the presentation include;

The Key Numbers which best describe the FF

  • 660hp – the most powerful of any Ferrari.
  • 3.7 seconds from zero to 62mph – the best in the FF’s class (although they didn’t elaborate just which cars they would include in its class).
  • 2.7 kg/hp – again a best in class figure.
  • 4 – namely the number of seats in the FF, which are proper adult-sized seats rather than the more typical 2+2 format.
  • FF – which Amedeo Felisa described as meaning ‘Ferrari Four’, representing the number of wheels driven and the seating capacity.
  • 360 g/km CO2 – which is 25% less than the FF’s predecessor (the 612 Scaglietti) and best in class.
  • 800 litres – which is the maximum capacity for luggage achieved by folding the rear seats down (increasing capacity from 450L).
  • 6 – the number of exclusive colours developed for the FF only – these include Rosso Maranello, Grey AbuDhabi, Grey Ferramet, Blue American, White Italy, Green Racing.


Quotes from the drivers

Felipe Massa – “It’s different from the others (models in the Ferrari range). It’s got a lot of room inside for a Father like me, it’s the perfect Ferrari where I can take my wife and my son in. It’s a spectacular car.”

Fernando Alonso – “I’m not as old as Felipe, so I want more performance from a car – and I think this car can offer high-performance car levels. We can’t forget that it has more than 600 HP, so it’s an extreme car you can use in all conditions – with snow, rain in the mountains – in the past it was difficult to use it (a super sports car) in these conditions, to me in Switzerland it’s going to be a very useful car so I will have to talk to the Chairman (Montezemolo), to the President…”

Key features unique to the FF

  • Ferrari together with Michelin developed both summer and winter tyres for the FF, enabling customers to use the car all year round.
  • The FF can be fitted with rear headrest TV screens, enabling rear-seat passengers to watch videos and interact with media independently of the driver and front-seat passenger.
  • A screen can be switched on for the front-seat passenger which displays the revs, speed and suspension settings of the car – providing a more exciting experience for passengers.
  • Ferrari’s all-carbon brakes on the FF should last the ‘lifetime’ of the car and never wear out…
  • The 4 wheel-drive unit in the FF weighs 50% of other solutions on the marketplace and is an innovative component, able to distribute power infinitely to whichever wheel needs traction.


Video and webcast

If you missed the LIVE webcast, you can watch the re-run by visiting the following link – World Premiere from Maranello.

The following video was also shown during the webcast and is now available to watch below..

Now that you’ve seen it online, why not go and see it in the metal – the FF will be on show at Geneva from 1st March, at the Ferrari stand.

Audio Samples

  • [audio:|titles=Performance Start – Exterior Mic.]
    Ferrari FF – Performance Start, exterior mic.

  • [audio:|titles=Performance Start – Interior Mic.]
    Ferrari FF – Performance Start, interior mic.

  • [audio:|titles=Driveby – Exterior perspective]
    Ferrari FF – Drive-by, exterior perspective

  • [audio:|titles=Driveby – Interior perspective]
    Ferrari FF – Drive-by, interior perspective

  • [audio:|titles=Cornering – Exterior perspective.]
    Ferrari FF – Cornering, exterior recording of FF driving towards mic. then changing down into corner.

  • [audio:|titles=Cornering – Interior perspective.]
    Ferrari FF – Cornering, interior microphone with FF accelerating then changing down into corner.

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