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Americal CORR truck double front flip

The American CORR (Championship Off Road Racing) series has been getting a lot of attention in the DR office recently. Find out why..

Chris Atkinson – 2009 Rally Ireland

That purveyor of spectacular accidents, Chris Atkinson gets it very wrong on Rally Ireland’s notoriously inconsistent tarmac....

Walter Röhrl im Porsche 911 – Rally Köln-Ahrweiler

This is a short trailer for the film 'Walter Röhrl im Porsche 911'. Enough said.

Video of Petter Solberg’s embarassing moment

The place - last week's Bettega Memorial Rallysprint in Bologna, Italy. The driver - Petter Solberg, 2003 WRC champion as he performed a parade lap for the crowd. But…

Pikes Peak Update – Practice 2: Top Section

I don’t mind admitting the top section of Pikes Peak spooks me. Super fast, all dirt and lined with fearsome drops, it’s the biggest challenge of the course in my humble…

Meaden vs the Mountain – Pikes Peak preview

About now DR's Richard Meaden is on a flight to Denver. On Sunday he'll be driving a 750bhp open-wheeler up the scariest hillclimb in the world. We had hoped he'd write…