You can normally tell how well the economy is doing post-downturn by the number of outrageous projects announced by manufacturers keen to relieve millionaires of those flabby extra pounds.  Given this, the future of the economy must be extremely rosy as Lotus announced today in California plans to produce an F1-derived car called the Exos Type 125.

If you can get past the clunky name you’ll be happy to hear the Exos features a 3.5L Cosworth GPV8 that has been detuned to produce 650bhp with a 10,300rpm redline (10,800rpm when push to pass is activated).  As the car just weighs 650kg this means the approximate 1000bhp/ton figure should make the Exos the quickest toy on any track day.

Lotus Exos Type 125 - A snip at $1 million US dollars?

Unlike modern F1 cars that need a complete strip down after a 300km race, the GPV8 unit is stated to happily run 4,500km (2,800 miles) between rebuilds and has a starter motor built in which means you can run the car minus a support crew, or self-restart the Exos if you spin and stall out on track.  The Exos will also feature the usual kit found on F1 cars such as semi-automatic gearbox, carbon-ceramic brakes and so forth.

Lotus plans to produce just 25 Exos, priced at a cool $1 million US dollars each.  As well as getting a rapid F1 looking car to play with, owners will also be invited as part of their seven figure admission price to five “driver events” at various tracks where they will receive tuition from both current and ex Lotus drivers.  The first customers should be receiving their Exos in Spring 2011.

Thanks to Rahul Nair/Golden Gate Lotus Club for bringing this to our attention.  Check out a walk around clip of the new Exos here and a chat with Stephen Wright of Lotus motorsports explaining the Exos philosophy here.

Now where did we leave that winning Lotto ticket?