Hang on to your hats, it’s a promotion attack from two of the edgiest brands in their respective fields of music and cars.  This Sunday August 15th the entire 9pm advertising break during Channel 4’s Big Brother will be taken up by the music video of Faithless’ (feat. Dido) latest song, Feelin’ Good.

The video will heavily feature the Fiat Punto Evo as two clubbers dance moves are controlled and manipulated by two stylised dolls held by Faithless duo Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss in the rear view mirrors of separate Fiat Punto Evos.  After the initial music video premiere during Big Brother, 30 second “prommercial” clips will be shown of the video in the form of a more regular campaign until September 12th.  We along with the approximately 2.5 million others who will see it will reserve judgement until we see it in action.

Elena Bernardelli, marketing director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK, said: “No other car brand has co-created a music video where the story has been written with the car and band as equal partners, both as important as each other to the plot. The video is really fun and uplifting.”

Will this campaign be as successful as the 2000 Jaguar/Sting collaboration?

Faithless added: “We’re always looking at new ways to get our music to different audiences and exploring new ideas.  The idea of showing our latest video on TV during an ad break is a first for us or any other band.”

Having heard the song from The Dance album it’s evident that despite the headline vocalist, this is not the most radio friendly song, so it makes sense for Faithless to pursue an alternate and far reaching method of promotion.

Readers of SkiddMark will be unsurprised to also hear that true to recent form Fiat will be bringing out another special edition of its cars to mark this occasion.  A limited edition “Feelin’ Good Punto Evo” is set to soon be available for those avid Faithless petrolheads.

What are your thoughts on Fiat having funded this whole campaign?  Product placement or just smart marketing and promotion?  Let us know ahead of the premiere.

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