Veteran MotoGP racer, Loris Capirossi, who retired at the end of last season, has become the MotoGP series organiser’s safety advisor. Alongside this new role, BMW has chosen Capirossi as a BMW M MotoGP expert, responsible for stewarding guests around the MotoGP paddock and providing an exciting glimpse behind the scenes.

The former Italian motorcycle racer, nicknamed “Capirex”, will draw upon his extensive experience of MotoGP racing. Over a 22-year career, the likeable Italian competed in 328 races and won 3 world championship titles.

BMW – Official Cars of MotoGP

BMW doesn’t just provide safety cars to the MotoGP series. BMW and BMW M cars are also provided for use by Dorna Sport’s management team, including a BMW X5 M for the Safety Officer, a BMW ActiveHybrid X6 for the stewards and a BMW 535i Touring as the Medical Car.

Furthermore, a BMW S 1000 RR and a BMW HP2 Sport are used as safety bikes, whilst BMW X5s are used for the service road tours, starting in the VIP Village.

The BMW Z8 was the first ever BMW used as a MotoGP safety car, appearing in 2001, before the role of “Official Car of MotoGP” shifted to BMW M GmbH from 2006.

“To ensure maximum reliability, it is essential for the safety car to function perfectly even under the most difficult racing conditions. The high-performance cars from BMW M meet exactly all the demands that are placed on safety cars on the racetrack, “said Loris Capirossi.

The successful partnership between BMW and Dorna Sports, the promoters of the MotoGP World Championship, stretches back to 1999, whilst BMW M has provided the official safety car since 2006.

The car maker also presents the BMW M Award at the end of each season for the rider with the most success in qualifying. Last year, Casey Stoner won a 1 Series M Coupe, whilst for 2012 a Frozen Silver Metallic M3 Coupe Competition Edition will be awarded at a special M Night in Valencia, Spain.

The new M5, which was introduced at last year’s US Grand Prix at Indianapolis, currently shares the safety car role with the 1 Series M Coupe. Both have been ‘optimised’ for use on the race track and to maintain sufficient pace to lead a 230mph MotoGP racing field (obviously at a reduced pace).

A whole host of measures were implemented to prepare the car for its special outing as a Safety Car. A significantly larger, Gurney-style rear spoiler and a front lip spoiler produce the downforce, whilst the BMW M5 Safety Car features a special racing chassis with adjustable traction control, while a racing exhaust and bucket seat round off the Safety Car version.

The 1 Series M Coupe will be replaced from the middle of this year with the new BMW M6 Coupé, which will serve interchangeably with the M5.

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