You can almost picture Ron Dennis standing behind Sergio Perez as he declares his undying devotion to his new family. In fact the video is so replete with corporate-speak that Ron could have written the script himself.. oh wait.

Two minutes 40 seconds would have been more than enough to capture Perez attempting a hot lap, see the P1 side-by-side with the iconic F1 or any number of story lines that allowed viewers to see (or hear) how the P1 performed in practice.

Instead you’ll find a standard piece of PR content that says very little about Perez, or the P1.

  • McLarenP1-Sergio-Perez_G2
  • McLarenP1-Sergio-Perez_G3

The film was shot at Dunsfold Aerodrome, the home of Top Gear’s test track, although don’t hold your breath for a comparison with Pagani’s Huayra because it’s unlikely any of Perez’ runs were timed with a stop watch.

If after watching you remain a little famished, watch Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa hooning around Circuit de Catalunya in a Ferrari 458 Italia.

When you combine one of the best drivers in the world, with one of the best cars in the world, it’s only natural to expect fireworks. Perhaps McLaren should wait until they can serve up something more in keeping with Perez’s native temperament.