Want to see Fernando and Felipe hooning around in a Ferrari 458 Italia? Of course you do.

The film was shot at Circuit de Catalunya during a Ferrari driving day and both Scuderia drivers were on good form, enjoying a few laps in the company runabout. As you do.

Watch out for the left-hander 0:58 seconds into the video, where ‘Nando catches a buttock-clenching handful of oversteer while chasing down, what looks to be Scuderia reserve driver Pedro de la Rosa in the #2 car. The larking around continues until Alonso ‘tries’ to cut across the inside of the final corner in his efforts to pass his fellow Spaniard.

The serious work starts this weekend at the Melbourne grand prix, where the new F138 gets starts its campaign to secure the 2013 F1 championship.

In an interview this morning Massa said “we have what we need to start off in the right direction”, while Alonso added “it’s not difficult to start better than 2012, but it would be difficult to start worse! Seriously, we have got a better understanding of this car and in testing it produced the results we were expecting. That gives us confidence and optimism at the start of the season.”

“But who knows; it will be a very interesting championship with a very challenging first part, as the Australian and Malaysian circuits are both difficult and we can also have difficult and changeable weather. We need to start on the right foot and hopefully score some good points for the championship.”

We’ll soon see if the F138 generates as many smiles for the drivers, as hooning around in these 458 Italias clearly did.