Next month we will be meeting up with Nick Bracegirdle, the writer, producer and creative talent behind the electronic dance music act, Chicane. Nick has invited us over to his French studio to talk about cars, music and his ability to stay fresh in his third decade of music production.

Chicane’s music is known the world over, be it for the frequent use of their songs in television programmes to their chart topping collaborations with names like Bryan Adams, Sir Tom Jones and Keane.

Chicane’s debut album, “Far from the Maddening Crowds”, is still considered a seminal release among the trance music community whilst the single “Offshore” has long been an Ibiza dance anthem. Their second album, “Behind the Sun”, continued this success by being certified gold in the UK.

You can listen to a selection of Chicane’s music in the audio player below;

  • Chicane – Saltwater

  • Chicane – Hiding all the stars

  • Chicane – Poppiholla

After another successful year in 2009 with their gold selling “Best of Chicane” compilation album plus a top 10 hit with “Poppiholla”, 2010 sees the band gearing up for another hectic year with a global summer tour and the release of a brand new album.

Send your questions to us to put to the band's founder Nick Bracegirdle

As you can probably tell by the band name and its record label “Modena Records,” Nick is a huge petrolhead and so the opportunity to talk cars and music with one of the leading lights of the music scene is sure to make for an exciting and insightful feature. We are also keen to hear more about his latest runabout – an Audi RS6 with over 600 bhp – so it’s sure to be a an ‘interesting’ encounter.

We’ll be flying out soon to meet up with Nick, but since SkiddMark is all about involving our readers more closely in our features and helping you shape the direction they take, we would love to hear any questions or thoughts you’d like us to raise with Nick, be it about cars, music or anything else you’re keen to hear from one of Britain’s most creative musicians.

You can get involved in one of two ways; either post your questions in the comments panel at the bottom of this page or tweet us at @DriversRepublic. Nearer the time we’ll be tweeting live from the interview, so make sure you stay in touch to find out when this will be.

Chicane’s latest song “Come Back” is available to download now in iTunes, after the viral video of the song amassed more than 400,000 views on YouTube last month. <a HREF=””> Widgets</a>

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