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"This is the oddest fusion ever! Essentially it's a complete F355 chassis with an adapted 2CV body on top." - almightwiggles

NFL Fantasy File: Laurence Maroney/GMC

"Laurence Maroney of the New England Patriots demonstrates his ability to find a hole in the defence using a GMC and wound down front windows. This is commitment." -…

“I never hit E with my MPGs, in my Prius”

What can we say? 2009 will be remembered as the year when the Prius became uber-cool... Seriously, once you've watched this video you'll believe it too. ;)

Top Fuel dragster vs Car

"This video is amazing and quite interesting to watch" - Richard Ottaway. The Top Fuel dragster is on the throttle for just 1 second, whereas the 252 hp Pontiac G6 is…

Toto Wolff’s lap of the ‘ring

Two weeks ago, Land Motorsport went for the outright lap record of the Ring in their 997 RSR. They achieved 7:03.28, but on the next lap this happened...

Kimi’s infamous pit-lane interview comment..

Kimi lets everyone know what he thinks of Schumacher's goodbye ceremony.

Drifter Trikes

"If you'd fancy having a go at being the human rollerskate in SwissPass2, then you'd want to have a go at this as well then!" - almighty_wiggles.

SwissPass 2 – Jean-Yves Blondeau

This is one of those must-see videos, that we never tire of watching. It's one of a series of videos produced by Swiss nutter Jean-Yves Blondeau.