The designers among us will have something to say about these new print ads from Audi – developed by Ad agency BBH London, they’ve created four ads to illustrate the key qualities of the new A1. They’ve focused on its ‘Driver-Oriented Interior’, ‘Powerful Yet Efficient Engines’, ‘Iconic Exterior Design’ and a ‘Big Idea Condensed’ view of them all.

I like them. They’re eye-catching and a whole lot more fun to read than a spec sheet. They’ve used the Audi typography creatively and there’s a timelessness to these images that is likely to extend well beyond the lifetime of the campaign.

But these are more than just pieces of art, they encourage you to read each line of text and consume them as a whole – they show that good creative design can also be an effective platform for a brand to engage and communicate with its customers.

I’ve not had cause to pay many compliments to Audi in their promotion of the A1, most of their campaigns have been lavish and far too indulgent for what is after all the cheapest model in their range – these ads are clean and simple, effective and clever rather like Audi themselves. Well done guys.

What do you think?