It must have been a difficult first conversation when Ad agency Deutsch took the concept for this video to their client. The light-hearted spot is supposed to tell the story of a guy who accidentally wears a full-face ski mask, while shopping at a convenience store – giving the impression he’s about to rob the store.

The idea being that he (and his buddies) were out cruising – top-down in the new Beetle Cabriolet (that sounds totally wrong doesn’t it?) – and he forgot to remove his ski mask.

But of course you and I are thinking that he’s wearing it as a disguise, because he’s embarrassed to be seen riding in such a girl’s car.

The ad is funny, however the notion of driving a Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet is less so.

Does the ad work? Meh..

* * *

The new Beetle Cabriolet went on sale last November with first deliveries due in the UK from April. Ski Masks are not (yet) available as an option, but perhaps you might consider using a paper bag as a cheaper alternative.