Keep your eyes open during the next few months for signs of Ken Block’s new Gymkhana viral – Gymkhana FOUR is the next chapter in the massively successful web video series that sees Block perform his own brand of autocross through a tight and twisty series of cones and solid objects. Called Gymkhana (jim-kah-nuh), Ken’s version is performed at speed and with the maximum amount of hoonage.

Last time out Ken used a specially prepared Ford Fiesta, similar to his current WRC Ford but packing over 700 bhp, however it looks like we’ll be counting kilowatts instead of horsepower for Gymkhana FOUR, as he sets out to prove that ‘hybrid’ powered cars need not be boring.

Yesterday Ken tweeted the following message from his Facebook account…

Ken Block on Twitter

So it looks like we’ll be seeing something special from Ford, which will further widen the hoon-meister’s appeal and value as an ambassador for the brand.

Gymkhana 3 has been the most successful of the series so far, receiving more than 36.5 million views since it was released 10 months ago. Knowing Ken, he’s got something pretty special lined up for the fourth instalment and the waiting starts here.

Last time on Gymkhana…