Earlier today we brought you news about Ken Block’s latest plans for Gymkhana FOUR – most notably that he’ll be driving a ‘hybrid’ powered Ford. Ken is currently in the midst of testing for the shoot, therefore information on the exact configuration of this hybrid powerplant is still a closely guarded secret, so the next best thing would be some pictures, right? And how about some video as well?

Well we’ve got Damien and Dominic from Pembrokeshire to thank for these exclusive shots, which show that the car is again based on a Ford Fiesta (was there really any doubt?), and they can also reassure us that it sounds and goes in a very un-hybrid-like manner.

In Damien’s words, “We couldn’t get a lot of information out of him (Ken) in regards to the mystery behind this “hybrid” car but it was FAST, performance was definitely NOT compromised – the acceleration was mind blowing and it looked equally as agile as previous Gymkhana cars. Whilst we weren’t allowed onto the airfield to film it in action, we could clearly see what he was up to and we can guarantee that Gymkhana 4, is going to be out of this world!”

Lucky guys eh?

RAF Bawdry in Pembrokeshire

The airfield in question is RAF Brawdy, which is just up the road from where Damien lives, so you can imagine their surprise when they encountered the legend that is Ken Block trundling down their local country roads. Damien made good use of the Michael Schumacher hat he was wearing to capture the hoonigan’s autograph, although he’s gutted he didn’t have a copy of DiRT3 with him at the time.

Damien described the experience as epic and whilst we understand this was only a test session for Gymkhana 4, we expect to see the completed video released sometime before September.

Thanks again to Damien and Dominic for sharing your insights (and photos) with us, we can’t wait to see the finished product.