We’ve heard a few dissenting voices speaking out against MINI’s ‘Britalian Job’ – which has already clocked up over 700,000 views on YouTube, but MINI’s next London 2012 Olympics video, ‘MINI Orchestra’, should pass muster with even the most cynical of observers.

Fresh from recording all 205 National Anthems to be played at this summer’s games, the London Philharmonic Orchestra has teamed up with MINI for just one more performance.

All stand for conductor Gareth Newman and the London 2012 Limited Edition MINI’s as they create a rousing rendition of God Save the Queen using just MINI horns.

The MINI Orchestra was made up of nine musicians from the London Philharmonic horn section, who usually play wind and brass instruments including the clarinet, trumpet and trombone.

The MINI Orchestra was conducted by Gareth Newman, who said ‘It’s the first time that we’ve attempted to play a piece using just car horns, and it was a fun and unique experience.”

MINI Orchestra joins the series of Team GB MINI adventures, which include ‘MINI Roar’, ‘MINI Britalian Job’ and ‘London-Brighton MINI drive’.

* * *