After last year’s successful launch of MINI’s location-based iPhone Game in Stockholm, Tokyo becomes the next destination to be engulfed by MINI fever.

Credited with doubling sales the first time around, the team from Agency Jung Von Matt have taken on a much bigger challenge. Although the game works in a very similar way as before, this time it’s being played on a larger scale – 32 times larger in fact, covering a playing area of 240 square miles.

Launch video for MINI’s Getaway in Tokyo competition. Agency: Jung Von Matt

Players home in on a virtual MINI using their Android or iOS iPhones, catch it and then run as fast as they can out of its orbit to prevent other potential takers from swiping it.

Anyone playing the game within 50 metres from this lead player is able to snatch the MINI away and so move from being hunter to prey. The winner of a brand new MINI Coupe is the player who holds the virtual car in their possession at the end of the 9-day competition.

Simple eh?

The app this time is available for Android as well as iOS iPhones and the prize is a brand new MINI Coupe.

If you’re in Tokyo this coming Saturday (December 3rd at 1pm) then you’ve got 9 days to grab hold of the virtual MINI and hold on to it. Good luck…

You can visit the launch site here and thereafter download the iPhone version of the App (free of charge) from the iTunes store, or for other devices from the Android Market.

Case Study: Last time on MINI Getaway in Stockholm

Challenge: for the launch of the MINI Countryman, create MINI evangelists. Solution: the world’s biggest reality game on iPhone transforming Stockholm City into a living game board. Agency: Jung Von Matt