Ever since advertising began, brands from all industries have often struggled to walk the difficult line between effectively communicating the message of their products, without being so self-congratulatory about their new offerings that potential customers immediately switch off to the message.

Customers like to digest marketing material and then draw their own conclusions and subsequently share their opinions and thoughts with others, a process made much easier by the advent of media circulated via the internet.

To involve itself in this new area of social media, Porsche has created its own online video channel, the full set of clips of which you can check out right now on SkiddPlayer.

So, what do we think of Porsche’s video offerings?

Impressive 3D imagery complements the video content

Let’s begin with what we’re not so hot on.  The videos that accompany their new models are often a clinical affair, something perhaps expected of a company proud of its Teutonic roots.  For example, in this 911 Turbo S clip, whilst we are treated to a few minutes of pretty cinematography, it almost feels like a regurgitation of the spec sheet by the dry and almost soulless narrator. 

Their use of 3D animation is technically impressive, as is the use of fabulous roads and sweeping camera angles of the cars.  However, because these videos often lack a “story” to them, one sometimes finds oneself hovering over the back button to find more interesting content.

Should you hit back, you will be rewarded with a plethora of other Porsche video content, the pick of the bunch being the Porsche Experience TV section, presented by Chief Porsche Driving Consultant, Gordon Robertson.  The friendly and warm Scotsman presents a number of clips between 3 and 5 minutes long from Porsche’s Experience Centre at Silverstone, ideal length for viewing on a personal computer.

Chief Porsche Driving Consultant Gordon Robertson brings a personal touch

Whilst still evidently official Porsche videos, Robertson’s laid back but informative manner is far more watchable than the more stale feeling of the aforementioned brochure videos.  Not only is the format of this section of videos more engaging due to more interesting (and sideways!) action from the driver, but Robertson articulates the benefits of the fitted electric gizmos and toys like in this 997 GT3 video, meaning unlike before your interest is held for the duration of the video as you learn from the experience as well as enjoy the visuals and sound.

There are over 100 videos and rising on the Porsche Channel, with the breadth of content appealing to those who appreciate Porsche’s history, contemporary motorsport or interviews with motoring personalities.

There’s a great video from Porsche USA which was filmed as part of Porsche’s “Welcome to the Family” campaign supporting the launch of the Panamera – comedian Jerry Seinfeld talks about his love of Porsche cars and for 1 minute 48 seconds you will be spellbound by his honesty and obvious passion. It’s a perfect illustration of how well Porsche have learned to use the medium of video.

Overall, it appears we’re not the only fans of the Porsche Channel.  With views of its videos counted by the millions, Porsche’s content appears to be striking an agreeable chord with its customers and fans.  With the speed it turns around videos for new cars, eye-catching commercials and stunning locations for many of its videos, it’s not hard to see why.

Check out the Porsche Channel on SkiddPlayer today and then let us know what you like and why – we’ll be sure to pass it on.