There’s a school of thought which says ads should be free from hyperbole, stripped of unnecessary fluff and focused on a brand’s key messages. Sometimes humour makes us laugh, but fails to leave a memorable impression of the product being sold.

But when you’re flogging a new tractor, all bets are off – at least that’s what Kubota thought when launching the new Grand X tractor. Yep, that’s not a typo.

Designed for the Australian market and created by Redhanded Communications, the goal of this ad was to introduce “the greatest leap forward in the history of tractoring”.

In the space of 61 seconds, the ad breaks just about every rule of agricultural product launches – there are helicopter shots, winding coast roads, animal metaphors, beautiful women and all the hyperbole they could fit in.

The next generation of tractors has arrived.. and it’s gloriously Orange.

Definitely one of our favourite ads of the year so far.