If ever a car and driver were made for each other, then Ferrari’s new hyper car LaFerrari, and it’s two-time F1 world champion must surely be the perfect example.

The video, showing Alonso and GT driver Andrea Bertolini is titled “Remember, two slow laps…”, but clearly with Bertolini’s iPhone stopwatch in hand they’re finding out just how fast LaFerrari will go around Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit.

Ferrari quote the car’s official lap time at 1’19.90, so what do you think, did Alonso beat the factory test driver’s time?

* * *

And finally..

During the past week, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were in Maranello for a busy programme of sports, promotional activities and of course further technical development of LaFerrari. Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of what they got up to.