We received a strong steer during our recent interview with BMW’s M-Division Chief, Dr Kay Segler, that a special edition of the E92 M3 would be released in limited numbers.

Then we saw the spy pictures published over on MotorAuthority which confirmed that BMW were in the final stages of testing some significant enhancements to the M3.

Now we have a video showing the same car lapping the Nurburgring during a ‘manufacturer’ test session, sporting BMW-owned number plates.

The suggestion from our interview with Dr Segler was that BMW were considering launching a road version of the M3 GT4 race car, not a CSL version exactly since this special edition model would retain many of the comforts of the regular M3, but nevertheless it would be a more sporting and dynamic interpretation of the already impressive E92 M3 Coupe.

The prototype in these pictures is fitted with upgrades to the front bumper, new wheels plus a substantial rear wing – although this is likely to toned down in a production model, and the video shows the effect of these upgrades plus the more dynamic character of the car.

Rumours persist that this car and the next generation M5 will be fitted with a KERS system, which would make BMW the first manufacturer to transfer this new F1 technology to its road cars.

We will hear more on this story during the next few months, but since BMW are normally keen to hide away their prototypes until near launch the very existence of this video tells us that perhaps we won’t have to wait too long.

[Pictures: MotorAuthority]