Bridegroom David Gallucci, 33, was said to be ecstatic when fiancee Abi Pattison-Hart, 27, paid £8,000 to rent him a Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster LP640 for their wedding day. However the bridegroom lost control of the 4-wheel drive Murcielago on a roundabout just an hour before the ceremony.

The Lamborghini took off as it hit a grass verge before crashing into a fence and flipping 360 degrees through the air, however, David was left with nothing more than a few bruises after the car landed on its back wheels in a ditch. The Murcielago was written off after sustaining £160,000 of damage to the bodywork, suspension and wheels.

“I was driving it to the wedding when the back end skipped out while I was going around the roundabout.” said David. “The car mounted the grass verge, hit the fence and flipped a full 360 degrees. The next thing I knew I was in a ditch.”

Best man Warwick French, 35, said: “We’d barely got the seats warm before we were climbing out of the window.”

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