Abomination or an inevitable consequence of globalisation and the decline of the British car industry? Perhaps it depends on your age – I grew up with the everyday sight of Midgets and MGBs on our roads, so I can’t help looking at these pictures and seeing them as a crude and unwelcome example of badge engineering.

Nevertheless Shanghai Automotive Industries Corporation (SAIC) says that the MG6’s arrival “marks the start of one of the most exciting periods in the 85-year history of the iconic MG brand, as it prepares to expand globally, starting with the world’s largest automotive market in China”.

The MG6 engine line-up will feature two lightly updated versions of the 1.8-litre K-series engines (now called N-series), one of which is turbocharged and the other normally aspirated. The normally aspirated version will most likely produce around 133bhp, while the turbo version is said to produce nearer 158bhp. Despite rumours of a diesel version, we understand there is no immediate likelihood of such a version.

Production of the Roewe 550-based hatchback will commence at the Longbridge plant near Birmingham at the end of 2010, home of MG Rover until its demise in 2005, although sales of Chinese built cars may begin in the UK slightly earlier.

The famous Morris Garages (MG) logo has also received a redesign to accompany the MG6’s launch, with carries the unenviable responsibility of “re-establishing the once highly regarded British marque.”

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