After the biggest week in the company’s recent history, Caterham Cars are keen to show its continuing commitment to the Seven with the new Supersport R.

The 180bhp two-litre Supersport R will sit above the 1.6-litre Supersport in the range, offering a five-speed gearbox and track bred dynamics. The Ford Duratec 2-litre engine has proven itself on track during three years in Caterham’s R300 race championship, and will provide the Supersport R with a 5bhp advantage over the R300 road car.

Priced at £24,995 in self-build form or £27,995 fully-built, the new model comes fitted as standard with grippy Avon CR500 tyres, Supersport dampers and race springs.

Weighing just 535kg, it is fitted with a bespoke Supersport steering wheel, integrated change-up light, composite race seats, four-point race harnesses and an aero screen as standard.

Caterham Cars’ Chief Executive, Graham Macdonald, said: “The Supersport’s formula has struck a chord with driving enthusiasts and we are confident that, by extending the range to include an R model, we will be able to build on the original’s success.

“The performance of the car is very impressive but, teamed with the accessibility of the suspension specification that works so effortlessly on the road and track on the base model, it is well-balanced, satisfying and fun in terms of the driving experience it offers.”