The debate about whether to buy Toyota’s GT86 or Subaru’s near-identical BRZ became a little easier this morning, when Toyota UK officially added the GT86 TRD to it’s order books.

Just 250 cars will be available here in the UK, priced from £31,495 for the GT 86 TRD manual – some £6,500 more than the standard car.

The main changes are aesthetic and include 18-inch cast TF6 alloys, deep front and side skirts, a rear bumper spoiler and a quad-exhaust system with rear diffuser.

Despite our reservations for what amounts to a styling upgrade, the TRD (Toyota Racing Development) GT86 does add to the sports car’s appeal while distinguishing it from its Toyaburu cousin.


Both six-speed manual and automatic versions will be available, in a choice of two colours: Pearl White and GT86 Black. The auto costs a further more at £32,995.

TRD touches extended to a branded radiator cap and fuel filler cover, while inside the car there is a new TRD gear shift lever. The GT86’s performance remains the same at 7.7 seconds for 0-62mph and 140mph for the manual – the auto decimates this meagre performance to 8.4 seconds and 130mph, which sends a clear sign to save your £1,500 and stick with the manual.

The GT86 TRD goes on sale from 1 March, but if you really want one, don’t be so polite and wait until then.