On the eve of Lamborghini’s new Aventador LP700-4 due to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show, German tuner edo competition have stolen some of Lamborghini’s limelight by launching their own Murciélago replacement – or at least if not a replacement, a car which might tempt LP700-4 buyers to stay with the Murciélago just a little while longer.

The edo competition LP750 is essentially just a Murciélago LP640 with 110 bhp more horses at its disposal, approximately 36 bhp more than Lamborghini’s forthcoming LP700-4, but this increase in power is not the result of some forced-induction trickery, instead edo competition chose to roll up their sleeves and improve the base LP640’s engine in just about every possible way.

With its new power output of 740 bhp and torque of 740 Nm (546 ft-lb), the LP750 hits 62 mph in 3.1 seconds, 124 mph in 9.7 seconds and the magical 186 mph mark in just 24.5 seconds.

To achieve the huge boost in power, the cylinder heads were modified and a high flow airbox was installed, the intake system was completely revised and features a new hand-made intake manifold as well as modified air ducts. This system helps to increase the intake air mass and velocity, an effect that becomes even more pronounced at higher speeds. High performance exhaust headers, high flow catalytic converters, more aggressive camshafts, bucket tappets, mufflers, exhaust tips and high flow air filters were developed from the ground up and installed, then the ECU was reprogrammed to optimise these modifications.

Complementing the engine modifications the LP750 receives an optimised aerodynamics package which improves high-speed stability and also adds to the dynamic appearance of the car. A re-designed rear wing, now features an adjustable lip spoiler.

The drivetrain is enhanced with new high-speed Michelin tyres (265/35 ZR 18 front and 345/30 ZR 19 rear) fitted to ultra-lightweight 18/19” alloy wheels. A single plate clutch is used to fortify the drivetrain in light of the extra power and upon request the LP750 can be converted from all-wheel-drive to rear-wheel drive, resulting in a weight savings of around 40 kg (88 lbs) and more agile handling.

As you’d expect from edo competition, the LP750 is also fitted with a high performance exhaust system made from stainless steel, along with revised exhaust tips which provide a truly memorable (and very loud) soundtrack – an optional butterfly valve system can be fitted upon request, but then why buy a tuned Lamborghini if you’d to prefer to be inconspicuous?

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