It would be understandable if you saw FAB Designs latest custom Porsche Cayenne in the same light as Eterniti’s bespoke Artemis. After all they’re both based on Porsche’s popular SUV, but in Eterniti’s case they market the Artemis as a completely new car – not a custom Porsche.

Swiss-based FAB Design has no such reservations, describing the Emperor II as its latest interpretation of the Cayenne for people with “..the highest demands on driving pleasure and individuality.” Based on the V8-powered Cayenne S Diesel, FAB Design offers a kit which boosts its power via a modified engine management system by 47bhp and 80Nm of torque, increasing its top speed to 161mph and its 0 to 62mph acceleration to 5.4 seconds.

A sports exhaust and sports air filter elevate the aural character of the Cayenne Diesel S with a ‘booming sound’, which sounds more of a curse than a bonus – set off by four rectangular shaped exhaust tips.


The wide-body kit increases the Cayenne’s width by 130mm (more than 5 inches) transforming the look of Porsche’s SUV and no doubt providing for a few stressful moments in multi-storey car parks.

The body kit can be purchased and fitted separately for €16,490 plus taxes (£13,500) and fitted to any production Cayenne. Which brings us to the wheels, 22-inches in diameter and modestly attired with Dunlop Sport Maxx’s in 265/35 ZR22 (front) and 305/30 ZR22 (rear).

The term ‘jazzy elegance’ appears several times in FAB Design’s press release, which perhaps tells you all you need to know about the Emperor II’s interior. The leather used for seats and dashboard is soft but extremely resilient, while adorned with the most decorative stitching. This can be supplemented by your own choice of Alcantara, and carbon fibre trim to a standard which surpasses the original car.

The Emperor II’s bespoke upgrades resemble Eterniti’s Artemis, but at a much lower price – ultimately resulting in a less exclusive end product. Nevertheless they certainly make the Cayenne look more individual, but then haven’t we been here before? (RUF, Gemballa..)

Due to be launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March, the Emperor II will go on sale shortly afterwards.