Welcome, or should we say bienvenue to this très Gallic Peugeot special of ROAD Magazine. Peugeot’s current advertising slogan is ‘Motion & Emotion,’ which when you cut through the adman-speak hints at cars that are involving, ney, fun to drive, and live with.

So, to test this mantra out, we’ve lined up a good chunk of the current range on offer from the French manufacturer.

Firstly, we cover two, fresh concepts revealed at the recent Geneva Motor Show based on the new 208: A return of the GTi brand that made Peugeot’s name in the 1980s, with the frenetic 205 – a car that still enjoys cult status today, for lift-off oversteer fans, clubman rally drivers and track day hounds alike.

Can the new 208 GTi live up to all the (light) weighty heritage and expectations?

Then there’s the 208 XY concept, a car “intended for city dwellers who love distinction and refinement.” Will it deliver?

Next up, it’s the gorgeous RCZ coupe – now in 163PS diesel form. Can it still be a fun, funky, fast and fresh car with an oil-burner?

Then, with all this lovely Spring weather, how about a retractable hardtop Peugeot? The 308CC is one of the best value, and most liked hardtop ragtops on the market. We give it the topless verdict.

Think Peugeot is a brand all about making great value, lightweight small cars? Think again. How about a great value, lightweight large car? Is the slick 508 GT a worthy adversary to the Ford Mondeo, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia, Audi A4 or BMW 5-Series? We find out…

Finally, there’s the practical 3008 Crossover, which Road staff snapper, Neil Denham, takes for a wander on the moors and then provides his verdict.

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Peugeot 308 RCZ GT HDi 163 sur le circuit

Red Lodge Karting Centre, near Newmarket, provided us with the location for this fab film by James Morgan showing the 308 RCZ GT HDi 163 in action.

It’s not Top Gear, but gives you a great idea of how nimble and fun the RCZ is to drive. And just look at how ‘useful’ Peugeot’s Sat-Nav is around Red Lodge..