Some cars take decades to reach cult status, unrecognized in their time. Others are instant stars, even before their launch to the public. And this issue of ROAD Magazine features two cars that have sling-shotted straight into the cult car cachet – Toyota’s GT86 and Subaru’s BRZ.

The reasons? The uncompromising focus on them both being “driver’s cars?” Their low centre of gravity or fiesty flat-four ‘Boxer’ engine? A focus not on out-and-out power, but the ‘right’ power level, aka the legendary MX-5?

Or perhaps it’s the welcome return of a right-wheel-drive coupe?

Whatever the reasons – which we will expand upon in this cult car issue of Road – the unique ‘Toybaru’ collaboration between Toyota & Subaru has created motoring (& marketing) magic in the GT86 & BRZ.

In this issue we take Toyota’s GT86 for a road trip on some of the best, quietest back roads of East Anglia to see what the appeal is.

And ROAD race ace and Travis drummer, Neil Primrose takes the Subaru BRZ on some killer roads in the Trough of Bowland and southern Lake District – giving his insights en route.

Do they deserve the early ‘legend’ tag? We will see…

Quite rightly, the GT86 and BRZ have also attracted the attention of top UK tuners, and we have three of the best to show you here – JRM Racing’s GT4-style GT86, Lichfield’s BRZ tuning pack and the sprinter Fensport GT86. What do they offer over the standard package?

Let’s find out… enjoy!

The Fensport Toyota GT 86 project. Visit the site for more..

JRM/Sumo Power GT 86. Read more at Sumo Power..

Litchfield Subaru BRZ Litchfield Performance Pack. Visit Litchfield Imports for more details..

The UK only Toyota Racing Division (TRD) GT 86. Available from January 2013.

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