Manufacturer of the decade – now there’s an accolade eh? The recent award, gifted to Lexus by Auto Express magazine, is a shiny top shelf addition to the already brimming Lexus trophy cabinet.

They’ve been AE’s manufacturer of the year seven out of past 10 years, which is not bad for a brand that only launched on the UK market in 1990. Sounds like “The Pursuit of Perfection” works!

And if ROAD Magazine gave out awards (maybe one day, eh?), we’d certainly bestow the ace luxury car maker with one or two of our own.

Kylie may have asked for silence, but perhaps Lexus should be shouting louder about the CT200h.

They’ve got an incredibly strong range of cars – whether traditional luxury liners like the new LS, sporty race aces like the ISF CCS-R, wonderful daily drivers like the GS250 or modern, innovative and stylish hybrids, like the CT200h: All of which we have on test in this action packed Lexus Special edition of ROAD Magazine.

“The Japanese Mercedes” used to be the line folk quoted from lifetime Lexus-convert, comedic character Alan Partridge, but that’s unfair in our opinion.

The new LS saloon is so cozy inside, you’ll not want to get out again.

The Lexus brand has come such a long way in a relatively short period of time – offering class-leading build quality, the latest technology, fabulous design, virtually unparalleled luxury and refinement, brilliant (petrol) engines and an awesome driving experience. Perhaps it would be fairer these days to be calling Mercedes and BMW “the German Lexus,” sorry, “Lexi!”

We hope you enjoy our Lexus Special and be sure to visit ROAD’s blog for more.