Despite rising fuel prices and the painful VED road tax from the government, the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) 4×4 market is still booming – and manufacturers are busy trying to out-do each other to claim their slice of the ‘soft-roader’ SUV pie.

So, with winter approaching, we’ve gathered an eclectic trio of 4x4s together starting with something truly bonkers – Infiniti’s FX Vettel Edition: A super-rare, £100,800 beast of a genuinely sporty utility vehicle (in SUV terms), bestowed with a Vettel-designed, unbelievably expensive carbon fibre body kit, huge 21-inch alloys and a 420bhp V8 engine, capable of 155mph and zero to 62mph in 5.6 seconds. Maddest SUV ever? Or just the maddest pricing?

We’ve also got two newly-re-worked SUV models.. including Jeep’s long serving (now 21-year old) Grand Cherokee in its fresh-look 2014 specification. The Cherokee has just gone on sale across Europe and comes with a brand new eight-speed transmission, devastating off-road capabilities, that monstrous 6.4-litre V8 SRT engine and a lavish luxurious interior that’s at odds with its great-value price tag.


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Then there’s Mitsubishi’s new-look Outlander, the most sensible choice of the three featured here, as is its “Intelligent Motion” diesel engine, lightweight aerodynamic body and 50mpg ability. It’s a different take on the SUV theme: Certainly not sporty, but practical and easy to use.

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