So, welcome to the second Skoda special of Road Magazine. And we make no bones about re-featuring the Czech Republic VAG manufacturer – as they are
knocking out some outstanding vehicles right now, none more so than the brand new Octavia, as tested in this very issue. It’s quite a step forward for the brand.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve recommended Skoda’s excellent range of cars to my friends and family, who ask me what they should be
buying next to replace their VW, Audi, Ford or whatever. But still (it seems, rather sadly and predictably), the old badge snobbery issue gets in the way. Those old, 1980’s Skoda jokes have a lot to answer for…

R39-Skoda-II_G2The characterful little Skoda Citigo is based on the VW Up!

Skoda is a brand of pure quality now, make no mistake. The build quality is as good as its rivals and their range of petrol and diesel engines is wide enough to accommodate most needs – as will their eclectic choice of cars available now.

The baby of the range – the Citigo – may not be as funky as the VW Up! it’s based upon, but it’s a cracker. And the all-new Rapid defines the ‘solid family car’ genre. Then there’s the new Fabia Estate, which we test in this issue with the vRS performance brand treatment, along with the out-going Octavia shape, in vRS Blackline form.

But if you want to know what Skoda’s new design language is really all about, look no further than the award-winning new Octavia… oozing class, design and sophistication from every pore: Not adjectives you’d choose for a poor ‘80s Skoda joke eh?