The summer schedule of outdoor motoring events in the UK is vast, headlined by the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June/July. But yesterday’s Wilton Classic Supercar Show had something the others do not, hundreds of new and not-so-new super sportscars parked in front of the 18th Earl of Pembroke’s stately country home.

It’s quite a sight, for anyone new to the supercar genre, but the event itself lacks a focal point to match the on-track action of Goodwood or Cholmondeley.

Still, there were plenty of cars on show, including more than 100 classics, a Bonhams Auction and a ‘short’ rally stage featuring several classic 80s Group B icons.

When it comes to supercars though, nothing can beat the Bloodhound SSC, a science experiment on (solid aluminium) wheels, representing everything that’s great and good about British engineering.

The supersonic land speed record contender heads off to Hakskeenpan, South Africa in late 2015 to become the first ‘car’ to exceed 800 miles per hour, before ‘raising the bar’ to 1,000 mph in 2016.

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The Bloodhound SSC combines beauty with brains in a body measuring 14 metres in length and weighing over 7 tonnes. It will travel faster than a speeding bullet and convey just one person; driver Andy Green, who in 1997 set the current record of 763 mph in Thrust SSC. (Photo of Andy Green: Stefan Marjoram on Flickr)

The car is propelled by three power units; a jet from a Typhoon fighter, a rocket which is hotter than a volcano and a Cosworth V8 petrol engine spinning at over 18,000 rpm and contributing 750 of the hybrid powertrain’s 135,000 horsepower total – that’s equivalent to more than six times the total horsepower of the 2014 F1 grid.

Bloodhound will cover a mile in just 3.6 seconds, over four times quicker than a McLaren P1, and yet still weighs more than 7 tonnes.

But what’s truly inspiring is the project’s effect on young people, inspiring them to work hard and believe in the seemingly impossible.

The car on show yesterday was merely a prototype of the finished item, but that didn’t stop it taking centre-stage on a day which brought mixed rain, strong winds and plenty of supercar noise.

The event returns in 2015, no doubt bigger and better than ever, and perhaps joined by the first and only member of the 1k Club.












Castrol claim their new EDGE range of motor oils (boosted with Titanium FST™) reduces friction by 15% compared with their previous product and maintains its strength for up to 140 hours longer, but just in case they’ve devised an ingenious method of carrying extra quantities to top up your favourite supercar.

Underneath the disguise is.. well, erm.. perhaps I’ll leave you to guess that for yourself.


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